Authentic Happiness
Helping Solo Business Owners
Flourish in their Business and Personal Life

AUTHENTIC HAPPINESS  means you are flourishing in life.

It means being engaged at work, physically healthy and happy, connected in enriching loving relationships, and feeling a sense of meaning in life.

LIKE MANY INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNERS and PROFESSIONALS You  May Want to Live a Life of  Authentic Happiness but  … or personal challenges are preventing you.

Hi !  I am Morris Mann of Authentic Happiness Coaching.
I have been helping Independent Business Owners, Professionals, and Adults in transition for over 20 years

This includes: entrepreneurs, family business owners, consultants, lawyers, financial professionals, real estate managers, franchise owners.  Additionally, people making major life changes after divorce or new careers.
These people had one thing in common. They felt stuck or overwhelmed and needed a plan to improve their business and personal lives.

All of them had very much the same issues as you do:

You may have picked up a self help book for a quick fix. You got a vague idea of what to do but don’t know how to make it happen. I call this the “weight loss dilemma” because you know what to do but don't know how to make it happen on your own. 

 You are stuck in your business or career where you are not moving ahead as planned.

Challenges at work often cause  neglect of  at least one of the other important areas of your life as well – your important relationships, physical health and your  connection to something that is meaningful.  

What can you do ?

A self help book or a friend may have give you a couple of ideas. But, you don’t know how to pull it all together and make it work.  You are too busy without a minute to spare. You also are not a professional coach who knows how to focus, prioritize, and set positive, challenging, realistic goals.

I compare it to the architect and designer of your house. You may have a lot of ideas as to what you want the final product to look like, but in order to make it happen, you need a professional. 

You want to makes changes and move forward in life. You don’t want an extensive therapy program that will take forever.  You want a professional that will help you set and achieve goals, so you can see real progress.
What is the secret to effectively reaching goals and balancing your life?

It’s not a secret than it is a proven professional system that helps you flourish in life by setting goals and achieving them.

  It includes “5  Core Goal Setting” principles and practices

This is a system that has been researched and proven for thousands of people.  It has taken over 20 years of trial and error to develop this system.  It is not a collection of random strategies.

These principles of goal achievement are based on the SMART system:

  S  - SPECIFIC -  detailing the vision and goals you want to accomplish
  M - MEASUREMENT - measuring your progress
  A - ATTAINABLE  - that your goals are realistic
  R -  RELEVANT  -  your goals have purpose and motivate you
  T  -TIMELY - specific time commitments make you accountable

Where do you learn these tools for Authentic Happiness ?

Resorting to one day courses, seminars, and workshops can give a short term boost.
But, they don’t work.

Real change and achieving goals takes dedication and long term commitment. You have to earn it with effort and commitment over time.

You need a system to follow that is tailor made for your
challenges and goals.

This happens after you take the first step of identifying your strategic
goals with your coach.

Once you have personalized strategic goals in place with a commitment to an accountable coaching partner, you are on your way !


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  By working with a coach to tailor a system and make you accountable, you can expect: 

    •You will be more efficient and productive - because you will know
 to prioritize time based on your values, and not neglect important strategic goals.
   • Business and career will move forward in a profitable and rewarding way -  because you  finally understand what to do and how to do it.
   • You will set realistic achievable goals that will help get  consistent results - because you will be following time tested strategies.
   • Your life will be more balanced  -  because your strengths and values will be clear.
   • Doubts and frustration with obstacles will be a thing of the past - because you will be determined in the face of challenges


    “The more you live the truth of who you are, what your values are, and the gifts you have to deliver,
 the more powerfully you attract exactly

     the people you want in your work and personal life.”


You are never too old make a significant change for the better.

 I "came alive" at age 50. (Read my story – "Meeting Morris". )

It means - being excited and fully engaged in your work
It means -you feel you are on a path to taking your work and
                   business to the next level
It means -  being able to persist despite thed business challenges
It means -  having a sense of purpose and direction.
It means -  answering people’s questions by saying “I am doing great!”

What are the steps in the "Authentic Happiness Coaching System"?

It is not a fixed formula.
 It is flexible program to leverage your strengths and move forward.

The key elements in the process include:

  #1 - Clarifying business and personal strengths and values.
  #2 - Describe a Vision for your Business and Personal Life
  #3 - Identify challenges and areas of support
  #4 - Detail your dream vision – with a strategic plan and timeline.
  #5 - Begin implementing with short term realistic and accountable goals.

You were born with the ability to be the best you can.
 To lead a life in which you flourish.



  "Don't ask yourself, what the world needs,
 ask yourself what makes you
come alive,
 because what the world needs is
people who come alive"

"Morris helped me develop a verbal business card. How to t1ell the right people how I help them in 30 seconds or less. He also helped me find strategic business partners which has helped with referrals and increase revenue."    PETER,  estate lawyer 


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