Authentic Happiness

Helping Parents Raise Respectful,
 Responsible and Happy Children




  Does your child:

·         have a problem taking no for an answer

·         Act out of line all the time

·         get easily  frustrated when s/he doesn't get what he wants

·         get impatient and  have short attention span

·         expect a reward in order to help around the house

·         lack discipline and ability to follow through on tasks



  “Children have the right to get everything they need and

   a little of what they want?


  AS a parent you are concerned about what is in the best interest  

  of your children. You want your children to be happy, be  

  appreciative and have positive self-esteem.  

   Like many parents you are exasperated because you are 

  working hard and giving of yourself, but your kids are not as you  

  want them to be.


  You may be a parent who cares so much for your children that  

  you are helping them often without requiring them to do for



  What you need to do:

  Be a parent who is confident that you know what is in your child’s  

  best long term interests. Then you have to convey that u 

  nderstanding to them as an authority figure with love and

  affection, while expecting their respect.



·         Discipline in a way that works

·         Communication in assertive, concise and concrete manner

·         To build frustration tolerance and character

·         To create a focus of family responsibility rather than selfishness

·         Importance of respect without sacrificing love




You will learn r concrete, practical solutions that work.


You will be provided with:

1.      Take home assignments

2.      Guidelines for implementing change

3.      Outline of key skills



  I work with parents who understand there are no magic solutions

  but am determined to help their children so they will be lead a

  happy, successful and independent life.



  Parents of Pre-school Children - – these are working husbands or

  wives who are now first time parents.  The challenge of  

  oppositional 3 and 4 year olds with limited frustration tolerance

  seems overwhelming.  Also includes children that have separation

  problems, delayed toilet training, and cry easily. 


  Parents of Adolescents - - these parents who are struggling with an

  adolescent who does not communicate. In most cases/he is not

  motivated to do schoolwork and generally lazy. These parents

  want to understand adolescents and help their child without

  alienating him. 

   Parents After Divorce - -   you are challenged by a spouse who is

  irresponsible and feel it is affecting your children. You have your

   children’s best interest in mind, and see that they are having

  trouble with the changes in the family



  Let me be your parent coaching partner who guides, educates

  and supports you.  Our aim is to have children who are

  independent, responsible and happy. 


  We can do it together.


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  Morris N. Mann, Ph.D. - l Psychologist / Coach


  Over 25 years experience working with children ages 3-21.  Director

  and founder of Early Childhood Parenting Center –"Little People". 

 Chief Psychologist for residential center of boys with conduct

 disorder, emotional instability and impulsivity. Staff psychologist and

 consultant to Early Childhood Center Treatment Center for

  Health Ministry.


  Morris has written professional, academic and popular articles

  about parenting articles in papers, magazines and popular

  websites.  He is also an expert in Positive Psychology – the

   psychology of well-being and flourishing in life.  Morris is also the

  father of 5 children and grandfather to 5.






  "We have been told a
   hundred times that
   people learn from
  their mistakes,but
  we want our children
  to never make mistakes
  because they may be
  hurt in the process"
               John Rosemond