Authentic Happiness
Helping Solo Business Owners
Flourish in their Business and Personal Life

MORRIS N. Mann, Ph.D.

    While in graduate school working toward my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology I
    was offered the opportunity to teach and coach at my former high school.
    I jumped at the opportunity.

    I was particularly passionate about coaching boys varsity basketball. And boy
    did I have success. We won four straight championships. That left me with a
    reputation as a great coach. Thirty years later I still hear from those players.
     They appreciate the
    life lessons learned as wellas the fun of winning  together.
    My drive for concrete goal oriented work led me to business. For over 12 years I
    worked as a Vice President at an international fashion company in NYC. The
    experience of growing the family business with my father and brother was
    challenging and rewarding. It was an invaluable insight into the management and
    marketing  a multi-million dollar business and its local, national and global
    challenges. Some of my work responsibilities over the years included: product
     marketing; production and travel overseas to Europe  and Far East; supply chain  
     management; and supervision of office staff of 30 people.

    I left that business, moved to Israel, and opened a restaurant chain food service
     business with partners.  Being the managing partner and founder of this business
     was a great experience.  I learned management systems for a franchise business
    from my partners who had over 25 franchise outlets and 5 free standing restaurants.

    This experience has given me the background to help small business owners with
    developing strategic plans to move forward successfully. It also gave me
     understanding of what it takes to balance business and personal life.

    During one of my business trips I came across a psychology article in the Herald
    Tribune. It was an article about a Harvard professor teaching positive psychology.
    Positive psychology focuses on what goes right in our lives and what brings us
    more happiness.  This positive focus energized me to make changes

    I got certification as a personal and business coach. It was a great practical application of      
    positive psychology and complement to my graduate training in psychology.

    My new energy also inspired me to get certification as a Family Business Consultant    
    from the Family Firm Institute in Boston. Having worked in a family business I had
    first hand personal experience of the challenges.

    No personal description would be complete without mention of personal family.
    For that is my family. I am a father of five wonderful children (two sons-in-law) ,
    and three grandchildren.



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Personal & Business Coach

Personal & Business Coach

I specialize in working with: Executives and professionals - independent business owners who are struggling alone, trying to move their business forward and also struggling to balance work and...

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