Authentic Happiness
Helping Solo Business Owners
Flourish in their Business and Personal Life

Small Business Coach

"Morris helped me develop systems and standards for my service staff. . We figured out strategic business partners for me to connect with.  With Morris’s help within  4 months I now had a business I was running and seeing the growth I had expected"   Tony,Franchise Kitchen Cabinets
"Morris helped me focus on my core business and identify the other profitable opportunities". David, Trial Lawyer & Patent Inventor Patent Inventor

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"Let me start by thanking you again for getting me to focus my efforts and to build my own path to success.  I have officially launched my social media marketing consulting business this month. This week alone I will be consulting with five local businesses."   CRAIG - Social Media Marketing


 Are you a solo business owner or professional?

·         Frustrated with work and looking to be “fully engaged”

·         Attending to daily crises rather than long term goals

·         Work responsibilities interfering with family relationships

·         Feeling controlled by events rather than taking charge

·         Searching for purpose and meaning


 Like most solo business owners you are overwhelmed with 

 running the business or practice on your own. It is really

 running you.


 You need to develop a strategic plan for long term success.

 That means establishing systems in your business that helps it

 to run efficiently.  When done correctly, such systems will

 allow you to focus on growth and profits.


 Implementing effective systems frees up your time, allowing you  to focus on growing your business successfully.


 In practice it means:

·        Developing a business mission statement that makes you stand out and serve the needs of your targeted customers.

·        Hiring employees you trust who are motivated by your business challenges and goals

·        Setting up clearly defined responsibilities and accountability systems.






 Let me be your business coaching partner.  We will work with 

 a smart goal system to achieve success. It is with an eye to  

 strategic goals that need to be achieved through accountable  

 small steps. 


 I have helped build success as an international business 

 executive and as a coach.  Let me help you.


 I will be your advocate, a challenging force and your friend.

 We will work together to set long term strategic goals with

 short term dates of accountability. We will work to help you be 

 more balanced and be happier, more engaged with work and 

 more fulfilled with personal life. 



 I work with successful people who are motivated to improve  

 their life and understand that real effective change takes time, 

 effort and determination.


 We set short term goals on the path to long term strategic goals.




Small Business Owners – these are owners of businesses with  

annual revenues from $500K to over $10M. I have helped them

with marketing, sales, business systems, personnel, customer service, product development and long term strategic planning.


 Professionals -  these are lawyers, financial planners, dentists 

 and mental health professionals.  I have helped them develop

 marketing messages to brand themselves and bring in clients. I 

 have also helped them to operate their practice efficiently, so 

 they can focus on what they do best.


 People at Mid Life Transition -  these are people looking to  

 thrive after a divorce, after changes at work,  or searching for 

 meaning and purpose.


 Our work life takes up a huge chunk of our time.  Managing 

 and succeeding at work is a key factor to our success and 



  There is a way for you to be successful at work and be able to 

  balance it with personal fulfillment.


  In working together with you I use applications from the 

   emerging field of positive psychology.  Positive psychologists 

  take an approach that encourages you to focus on flourishing  

  i  all areas of your life. It is called achieving authentic 



  If you are a solo business owner or professional you have 

 taken  a step in the right direction.   Solo owners have been 

  identified as a group that has the most potential for happiness

  at work and in personal life.  You have to learn how to 

  balance the two.




 We work together to set challenging short and long term goals, 

 and learn important skills along the way.


 The time we spend is educational, reflective, challenging, 

 inspiring, practical & fun.

 It takes patience and determination, because changing habits 

 and developing new ones takes time. Just like if you were   

 dieting or exercising, knowing what to do doesn’t help if you  

 don’t follow up and do it.


  So include me as a coaching partner to enhance business as 

  well as your personal life.




  Call or email for a FREE consultation.  This is a

  complementary  coaching session which helps you identify 

  short term and long term goals and what strengths you have to      enhance. 


  Call me -   866-410-1414

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